Find 3 differences between the bridge pictures in 16 seconds!

Pictures of a bridge with a stream of water running underneath can be seen in the image posted above.  

Readers have sixteen seconds to identify the three distinctions that exist between the two images.  

This is the start of your time!Some of the differences may be clear to see without any help, while others may need to be looked at closely to be seen.  

Because of this, readers must be extremely focused in order to distinguish the variations between the two images.   

According to studies, these kinds of activities activate the parts of the brain linked to memory and focus.   

As a result, engaging in these activities regularly improves memory recall and concentration. Time is running out, so hurry up.  

How many of you were able to identify every difference in the allotted time? Kudos to the readers who managed to identify every distinction.  

To hone their observational skills, those who were unable to find the answers should practice these kinds of activities on a regular basis.  

Readers are encouraged to evaluate their comments in relation to the solution that is presented below.  

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