Find 3 differences between the boss scolding an employee pictures in 16 seconds!

Above snapshot shows a supervisor berating a worker.The reader has 16 seconds to spot the three differences between the photos.  

Now is the beginning of your time! Certain distinctions may be readily discernible, but others take close examination to identify.  

Consequently, in order for readers to distinguish the differences between the two images, they must possess exceptional focus.   

Research shows that these activities stimulate memory and concentration centres in the brain.  Regularly doing these tasks enhances focus and memory.  

Time is running out, so move quickly. Look again and see if you can spot any additional differences.  

Perhaps some of the observant readers saw every variation in the allotted time. Well done to those readers!   

If the answers eluded you, you should practise these kinds of tasks frequently to hone your observational abilities.  

Readers are welcome to compare their replies to the one given above.  

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