Essential Dos And Don’ts For Weight Loss In Women Over 40


1. Consult with a Healthcare Professional 


Consult your doctor before starting any weight loss programme to confirm it's safe and right for you.  


2. Regular Exercise  


Mix cardio (walking, jogging, swimming) and strength training to increase metabolism and retain muscle mass.  

3.Strength Training 


Strength train two to three times a week to maintain lean muscle mass, which decreases with ageing.  

4. Balanced Diet 


A balanced diet should include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, entire grains, and healthy fats. Watch portion proportions to avoid overeating.  

5. Stay Hydrated


Maintain hydration. The body may confuse thirst for hunger, consuming extra calories.  

6. Extreme Diets 


Do not follow extreme or fad diets that claim to help you lose weight quickly. They can't always be kept up and can cause nutrient deficits.  


7. Skipping Meals


Not even food should be skipped. Eating regularly keeps blood sugar levels steady and keeps you from eating too much later in the day.  

8. Overlooking Strength Training


Do more than just exercise. Strength training can help you keep and gain muscle mass, which can help you lose weight.  

9. Excessive Cardio 


Even though cardio is good for you, don't do too much of it because it can make you lose strength. Key word is balance.  

10. Ignoring Portion Sizes 


Even when you're eating healthy things, watch how much you eat. Eating too much, even of healthy foods, can make it harder to lose weight.  

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