Candied Orange Peel Recipe

These candied orange peels are chewy, sweet, and zesty. Though exquisite, they're easy to prepare at home! Use this 3-ingredient recipe to garnish beverages, gift, or decorate a holiday cookie tray.


– 3 large oranges (you'll use the skin, so untreated/organic is preferred) – 2 cups (400g) granulated sugar – 1 cup superfine (caster) sugar


Heal peel. Cut each orange top and bottom with a sharp knife. Cutting four vertical orange peel and pith cuts without hurting the fruit.

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Use your fingers to separate each fourth of the peel, including the pith, from the fruit. Tearlessly peel fruits. Cut peel into ¼-inch pieces with a knife (lengthwise).

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Boil peel. Cover orange peel slices with an inch of cold water in a medium saucepan. After high-boiling, simmer 15 minutes. Bitter fruit is repeatable three times.

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Make syrup. Cleaning saucepans. Cook 2 cups sugar and water on medium. Sugar melts in hot syrup.Candy peels. When syrup boils, carefully add orange peels and lower heat.

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Soften peeling using heat. Cook 45 minutes to tenderise and clarify orange peels. Clear bubbles, thick syrup. At 235°F–245°F (soft ball stage), candy thermometers evaluate syrup doneness.

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Drain. Remove pan from heat. After the syrup stops bubbling, carefully drain the peels over a heatproof basin. Note about syrup reuse.

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Cover candied peels with sugar. Put superfine sugar in a small pan. Spread sugar on candied orange peels using tiny tongs or two forks, separating if stuck.

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A parchment-lined sheet pan or nonstick wire rack should hold one candied orange peel layer. Let them dry overnight or 12 hours at room temp. 

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