Can you Propagate Plants in Winter?

Propagating new plants is a great winter hobby for restless gardeners. It gives you fresh plants for your spring garden and keeps you active in the dark and dreary months.

You may propagate plants in winter! Trees and shrubs are best grafted and rooted in the darker, slower months. Winter is also a good time to start spring plants.

When it comes to winter cutting plant propagation, you have two basic options: grafting and rooted cuttings.

Grafts mix plant genes. The rootstock determines plant size, disease resistance, and root system. Graft scion controls fruit color, shape, disease resistance, and taste. Grafting merges two traits. Grow non-breeding seeds.

Grafting Cuttings 

Do basil and pothos cuttings root in water? Some woods grow alike.Root plant-specific softwood, semi-hardwood, or hardwood cuttings. Winter rooting of hardwood cuttings. Root hardwood cuttings late fall/winter.

Rooting Cuttings 

While winter may be bleak, growing plants can bring gardening peace. Spend a few hours propagating plants this winter to get a few new plants for spring.

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