Brownie Batter Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Brownie batter-swirled vanilla bean cheesecake bars! The batter stays batter-like, making it smooth like cheesecake. The brownie cheesecake mashup dream.

Cookie Crust – 190g or 1 ½ cups g cookie crumbs oreo (cream removed), digestives or graham cracker – 76g or ⅓ cup g butter unsalted Vanilla Bean Cheesecake – 452 g cream cheese at room temperature – 134g or ⅔ cup g sugar – Pinch fine sea salt – 1 tsp pure vanilla extract or paste – 120g or ½ cup g sour cream at room temperature – 2 large egg – 2 tablespoons all purpose flour Brownie Batter – 55g or ¼ cup butter – 105g or ½ cup sugar – 1 egg – Salt & vanilla – 25g or ¼ cup cocoa – 2 tablespoons chocolate hazelnut spread can sub with another nut butter or seed butter – 1 tablespoons flour




Heat the oven to 350. Parchment an 8x8" pan. Smash cookies and melt butter. Heat one pan bottom for 10 minutes. After cooling, lower oven to 325 F.

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STEP  1 .

Two hours on the counter should make cream cheese soft and room temperature. Add vanilla, salt, and sugar to a bowl. Beat with a hand mixer or stand mixer paddle attachment until smooth and lump-free.  

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Add sour cream and mix. Mix eggs and flour briefly. Make brownie batter. Heat butter in microwave until almost melted. Reheat with sugar for 30 seconds. 

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Mix hard for 30 seconds. Mix well after cracking the egg. Mix cocoa, flour, and chocolate hazelnut spread.  

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Put half the cheesecake batter on the crust. Pour half the brownie batter into the cheesecake in 3–4 spots. Swirl brownie batter with offset spatula or butter knife.  

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Spread the remaining cheesecake batter evenly. Drop the remaining brownie batter in three large circles. Swirl again. Place in 9x13" pan. Add hot water halfway. Bake 45 minutes. 

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Turn off the oven and let it cool for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes on the counter, refrigerate for six hours. Serve cold.  

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-280 Calorie -30g Carb -17g Fat -4g Protein

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