Brain Teaser to Test Your Attentiveness: Find all the hidden animals in 11 seconds!

Since it was shared, a lot of people are taking notice of this brainteaser online.   

Numerous animal forms can be seen in the image against a sky blue background with dark silhouettes.  

It is your job to count how many animals are hiding in the image. This is the beginning of your time!  

Examine and comprehend the image thoroughly. To do the task at hand swiftly, you must have an awake mind.  

The time is up. How many of you were able to solve the brainteaser correctly?  

Kudos to the readers who figured out which creatures were hidden. You have an excellent attention to detail and are very focused.  

There are a total of eight animals in the picture which are elephant, horse, dolphin, fish, dog, cat, mouse and a sea horse. 

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