6 Zodiac Signs That Blow Small Issues Out Of Proportion

Do you know someone who turns a simple dispute into a debate? They may be Aries. Due to their ardent enthusiasm, Aries often get caught up in the present. 


Cancer, the compassionate water sign, feels like ocean waves—calm and stormy. Cancerians feel strongly about small concerns, which can cause a chain of emotions. 


Libras seek harmony above all. This search of balance can make people exaggerate minor concerns. A tiny disturbance in their carefully managed balance feels seismic. 


Scorpios are intense and sensitive. When dealing with a tiny issue, they become cosmic investigators, searching every aspect for meaning. An omission or careless comment becomes a mystery.


Leos, born leaders, are dramatic. They see tiny inconveniences as scenes in their life's epic play. Leos bring drama to every circumstance.


Pisces live in dreams and emotions. When faced with a slight issue, they may imagine a bigger problem. A simple mistake becomes disastrous.


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