Bicentennial Quarter Rarity: 5 Unique Varieties You Should Know About Prices Worth Approx 1M to 5M USD

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The Bicentennial Quarter has many distinct variants, although none of them normally sell for $1 million to $5 million USD. However, here are five significant variants with their estimated values:  

Collectors love the Type 1 Bicentennial Quarter in Proof condition with the eagle's bold, straight tail. In pristine Proof condition, a Type 1 Bicentennial Quarter can sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on grade and rarity.  

Type 1 Proof 

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The Type 2 Bicentennial Quarter in Proof condition, with its redesigned reverse design and curled eagle tail, is also sought after. Like the Type 1, a Type 2 Proof Bicentennial Quarter can fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars in high grades.  

Type 2 Proof 

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Rare errors include San Francisco Mint Bicentennial Quarters missing the "S" mint mark. Though desirable, they rarely reach millions. A well-preserved example of this error might sell for tens of thousands at auction.  

No "S" Mint Mark Error 

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Unique Bicentennial Quarters with doubling on the obverse date and writing are collectible. These unusual kinds can sell for hundreds to several thousand dollars, depending on condition and doubling severity.  

Double Die Obverse 

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Collectors value Bicentennial Quarters in Mint State (MS) 67 or above, regardless of variety. These high-grade examples can sell for several hundred to a few thousand dollars, especially Proof or uncirculated examples.  

High-Grade Uncirculated Examples 

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Collectors value these coins, although they rarely sell for multi-million dollars. As always, rarity, condition, demand, and market trends dictate a coin's worth, but unique circumstances and auction results can affect pricing.  


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Bicentennial Quarter Rarity: 5 Unique Varieties You Should Know About