9 World Coins with Surprising Values: Global Treasure Hunt!

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A global treasure hunt awaits you with these nine coins from throughout the world, each of which possesses a value that is unexpected:  

Due to World War II limitations, most 1943 Lincoln cents were struck in zinc-coated steel, although some were erroneously struck in bronze. This uncommon bronze cent is prized by collectors and can garner high auction prices.  

1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent 

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Few 1970-S Lincoln pennies with a minor date variant are uncommon and precious. Mint-condition coins are prized by collectors.  

1970-S Small Date Lincoln Cent 

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In 1983, the Royal Mint accidentally produced a few 2p coins with "New Pence" instead of "Two Pence." Rare mistake coins can fetch high prices from collectors.  

1983 New Pence 2p Coin 

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A unique mule coin was created in 2000 when the Royal Australian Mint unintentionally coupled a 10c obverse die with a $1 reverse die. These coins are rare and demand high premiums.  

2000 "P" Australian $1/10c Mule Coin  

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The Royal Canadian Mint made a few 1 cent coins with a doubled die obverse in 1955, creating a remarkable doubling effect. Rare mistake coins are prized by collectors.  

1955 Doubled Die Obverse 1 Cent Coin 

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A few Australian 50 cent coins were struck without mint marks in 1972. Uncirculated mistake coins are rare and sought after by collectors.  

1972 "No Mint Mark" 50 Cent Coin 

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The Philadelphia Mint accidentally struck a few George Washington Presidential dollars with the "P" mint mark for circulation quarters in 2007. Very uncommon mistake coins are coveted by collectors.  

2007 "P" Washington Presidential Dollar 

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In 1969, a few Lincoln cents were minted with a doubled die obverse, tripling the date and other details. Rare mistake coins command high premiums.  

1969-D Lincoln Cent with Doubled Die Obverse 

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The Royal Australian Mint made a few "wavy 2" 20 cent pieces in 1966. Collectors value these coins, especially uncirculated ones.  

1966 "Wavy 2" 20 Cent Coin 

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Discover intriguing international coins with surprising values on a worldwide treasure hunt. Coin collectors can find rare treasures from throughout the world and add unique pieces to their collections.  


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