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When mentioning George Washington bicentennials, you may mean two things. In 1932, his bicentennial, he appeared on a 25c coin. A special two-date coin commemorated the 1976 American Independence bicentennial.   

This section covers 1976 American Bicentennial coins. Each coin has two dates on the front: 1776–1976. They mean America overthrowing British colonialism and becoming a democracy.   

1976 Clad Bicentennial Quarter Regular Strike

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Though sculptures and memorials were created in his honour, he didn't want his visage on US money. He thought that was too much like the British Royals' hubris after being expelled.  

1976-S Silver Bicentennial Quarter Business Strike

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Anna Willess Williams, a less enthusiastic Morgan Dollar model, didn't want to be outed. The first coins were utilitarian and ugly. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt requested beautiful, expensive currency.   

Double Denomination 1976 Bicentennial Quarter Struck On A Dime

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To commemorate 200 years of American Independence, unique coinage was created. The Mint minted quarters (25c), half dollars (50c), and dollars ($1). Clad coins for circulation and silver Bicentennial Sets for collectors were included.   

1976-S Clad Proof Deep Cameo Bicentennial Quarter

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Consider seignorage to get this. This tax is computed by subtracting money's cost from its face value. Suppose a $1 coin costs 90 cents to produce. This price depends on metal content, labour rates, electric bills, machine repair, etc. Banks buy the coin for $1 with a 10 cent tax.  

1976-S Clad Proof Bicentennial Quarter

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Coin metals and seignorage depend on various things. The 1850s Gold Rush, 1960s Coin Shortage, and US silver and copper price spikes are examples. The war also affected nickel diversion for military use. Silver was used for Bicentennial Coins.  

1976-S Silver Proof Deep Cameo Bicentennial Quarter

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This 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel alloy was used on American coins from then on. Some Bicentennial Quarters use the original 90% silver metal composition.   

1976-S Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter

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Legends or mottos are seen on coins, and their fields are their backgrounds. The coin's edge is thinnest. A coin with elevated ridges is reeded. The coin is smooth or plain otherwise.   

1976-D Clad DDO Bicentennial Quarter Business Strike

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This is crucial for judging the most valued bicentennial quarter because these sets were more valuable and better maintained. They'd likely be in covered exhibition cases.  

1976-S Clad Proof Cameo Bicentennial Quarter Minted In 1975

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This helps explain why commemorative coins are unpopular. Instead of disturbing the currency, Mint Director Mary Brooks preferred a gold piece or half penny.  


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