9 Foods That Increase Serotonin Naturally


Poultry is rich in lean proteins and serotonin-boosting amino acids. After a famous Thanksgiving episode of “Seinfeld,” tryptophan in turkey became known as the chemical that makes people tired. People are weary after Thanksgiving because they eat a lot.

Birds like Turkey and Chicken

Eggs, another American breakfast staple, are a good source of protein and can boost serotonin naturally. Remember that egg preparation is vital. Fry or scramble eggs with lots of butter is unhealthy, but boiling or poaching them is best.

Eggs for Protein

Other lean protein sources like salmon and other fish improve serotonin levels. Salmon and other fish are rich in tryptophan and omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful for the heart, bones, and skin.

Foods like salmon and fish boost serotonin

For vegans who shun animal and fish proteins, soy products have grown increasingly accessible in the past decade. Soy milk and hundreds of spicy tofu options are great sources of tryptophan to boost serotonin levels. 

Tofu, Soy Milk, Soy Products

Milk and cheese are good sources of tryptophan for non-lactose-intolerant people and calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Happily, most stores now carry many lactose-free options. Choose low-fat dairy wherever feasible to avoid extra calories for maximum health.

Milk, Cheese, And Dairy

Almost all nuts and seeds are high in tryptophan. Vegetarians might enjoy them as a protein replacement and serotonin booster.

Seeds And Nuts

Pineapple is neglected but contains the anti-inflammatory protein bromelain. It contains tryptophan for proper serotonin production.


Iron-rich spinach helps make healthy red blood cells and contains lots of tryptophan. Most dark green, leafy foods boost serotonin.

Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables, Like Spinach

Fermented foods and probiotics including sauerkraut, kimchi, and yoghurt may boost blood tryptophan and serotonin levels, according to research.

Natural probiotics like sauerkraut 

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