8 Stretches to Help Your Wrists and Hands 

Wrist Flexor Stretch: Extend your arm, palm down, and gently press on the fingers to stretch the wrist flexors. 

Wrist Extensor Stretch: Extend your arm, palm up, and apply gentle pressure to the back of your hand to stretch the wrist extensors. 

Finger Pull Stretch: Gently pull each finger backward, one at a time, to improve flexibility and relieve tension. 

Prayer Stretch: Press your palms together in a prayer position, keeping fingers pointing upward to stretch wrists. 

Wrist Circles: Rotate your wrists clockwise and then counterclockwise to enhance mobility and reduce stiffness 

Fist to Fan Stretch: Make a fist and then spread your fingers wide, alternating between the two positions to stretch hand muscles. 

Thumb Stretch: Gently pull each thumb backward to stretch the base joint and alleviate discomfort. 

Nerve Glide: Extend your arm, flex your wrist, and gently glide your fingers backward to promote nerve mobility. 

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