8 Pink Flowering Plants To Add Colour To Your Balcony

Rose thrift pink

Rose thrift is a great plant for your rock garden or for growing along the edge of a bed or fence. Its pink flowers look great with a pile of grassy leaves.

Alice du Pont’ Mandevilla

You can make your pergola or trellis more comfy by adding mandevilla, a tropical vine that does well in hot weather and has pretty pink flowers all summer.

Ann Folkard’ Geranium

The 'Ann Folkard' geranium's green leaves tend to wrap around other flowers, which makes it a great plant to grow with coralbells and lungwort.

Catherine Woodbury’ Daylily

The 'Catherine Woodbury' daylily is a cute pink type that doesn't need much care and will make your garden smell great and look great.

Raspberry Wine’ Bee Balm

Many birds and butterflies will come to your yard because of the lovely smell of bee balm.The plant called "Raspberry Wine" has beautiful rose-red flowers and doesn't get sick easily.

Giles Van Hees’ Veronica

Veronica ‘Giles Van Hees’ is deer-resistant and compact, making it ideal for small gardens.Hummingbirds and butterflies love this cultivar's bright pink blossoms.

Appleblossom’ Yarrow

Tom McWilliam recommends the “Appleblossom” yarrow for its exquisite pink petals that float above the fluffy, gray-green leaves.

The Hollyhock

Hollyhocks have long been a favorite garden plant.What's not to love about their hibiscus-like bloom spikes?

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