8 Most Beautiful Coins Ever Minted and Their Stories

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Without a doubt! Here is a list of eight of the most stunning coins that have ever been struck, each of which has its own fascinating history:  

Ancient Greek tetradrachms are famous for their beauty and craftsmanship. Many city-states minted silver coins with detailed depictions of mythical people, gods, and goddesses and symbolic motifs.   

The Ancient Greek Tetradrachm

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The Roman Republic and Empire issued gold aureus coins. The pure and elegant aureus depicted emperors, mythical scenes, and allegorical figures. The "Eid Mar" coin Brutus made to commemorate Caesar's assassination is one of the most renowned aurei.   

The Roman Aureus 

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For over a millennium, the Byzantine solidus (nomisma) gold coin was the money of the empire. Imperial portraits, religious imagery, and complex artistic motifs adorned the solidus, known for its purity and durability.   

The Byzantine Solidus 

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Florentine florins were gold coins made in Florence in the 13th and 14th centuries. The florin, known for its elegance and quality, featured the city's fleur-de-lis on the obverse and St. John the Baptist on the reverse.  

The Florentine Florin 

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Spain and its colonies minted gold doubloons during the Age of Exploration. The doubloon, admired for its size, weight, and purity, featured the Spanish coat of arms on the obverse and the Pillars of Hercules, symbolising the Strait of Gibraltar, on the reverse.  

The Spanish Doubloon 

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Since the 16th century, the British sovereign has been coined in gold. The sovereign's classic design and majestic aspect include a portrait of the king on the obverse and St. George conquering the dragon on the reverse.   

The British Sovereign 

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France minted mediaeval silver angelots. The angelot, small and ornate, had an angel on the obverse and the French royal coat of arms on the reverse.   

The French Angelot

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The US created the Liberty Double Eagle gold currency from 1849 until 1907. Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Double Eagle depicted Liberty striding ahead on the front and an eagle in flight on the reverse.  

The American Liberty Double Eagle 

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These coins are masterpieces of numismatic art and craftsmanship that reflect their cultural, political, and economic times.   


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