8 Hairstylist Secrets for Smoother, Shinier Hair


Bright hair needs moisture, but conditioners are tricky: Lustrous hair doesn't need a thick one or extra conditioning. Weightier conditioners can dull hair.I reconsider conditioning waste. Townsend suggests a moisture-boosting leave-in treatment after conditioning. Leave-in oils, serums, mists, and sprays boost shine.

Choose Leave-In Over Heavy In-Shower Conditioners

More than a folktale. Cold shower rinses flatten cuticles and make strands sparkle brightest, says Outen. Hot water humidity opens the cuticle, allowing conditioner nutrients to feed hair, according to Townsend. As you rinse off the conditioner, blast the hair with cold water to close the cuticle and reflect light.

Blast Hair with Cold Water After Washing 

Hair care and skincare have become more similar, especially in scalp care. “Oftentimes, people will try to fix a hair issue with a topical product like hairspray or shine spray, when in fact you need to go deeper to the root of the problem Face chemicals are now utilised on hair, thankfully.

Consider Your Scalp 

To get shiny hair, you may use a lot of shine boosters (see tip 1) daily. Unexpectedly, product pileup can hurt your hair goals. Maria Elizabeth, founder of Salon deZEN, says that accumulation clogs hair follicles and prevents the scalp from creating its natural oils, which keep hair lustrous.

Weekly Clarifying Shampoo or Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Hair oils are the fastest way to hydrate hair, which makes it shine.Townsend advises starting with a tiny amount of oil because fine hair can rapidly become oily and drier if used too regularly. Two times a week, run oil through your ends and set the shine with a heated blow dryer.

Try a Hair Oil Treatment 

Even with 100 brush strokes, Marsha Brady's bedtime hair routine was right. Sebaceous glands produce natural oils to moisturise the scalp, therefore sharing the sheen can give you beautiful hair. Best method: "Daily boar bristle brushing spreads scalp-to-end oil. Boar bristle brushes tighten hair cuticles, providing shine.

Brush Daily With a Boar Bristle Brush

According to Outen, darker hair reflects more light than translucent lighter hair. You don't have to go black."Highlights may brighten dull hair. Your hair can be deepened using semi-permanent dyes. A semi-permanent on your hair strand's surface uniformly reflects light by closing cuticle gaps.

Darken Your Hair Color 

Despite the name beauty sleep, we usually wake up with odd grooves on our faces and less lustrous hair. Silk pillowcases are what Disney princesses sleep on and help you seem glossier in the morning.Sleeping on silk reduces friction, making your hair smoother and healthier in the morning.

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

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