8 Great Ways to Get a Full Body Workout in the Water 

Start with water aerobics, engaging in brisk movements like jogging or jumping jacks to target your entire body. 

Swim laps using various strokes such as freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke for a comprehensive cardiovascular workout. 

Incorporate treading water into your routine to challenge your muscles and improve endurance. 

Try water-based resistance exercises with tools like aqua dumbbells to build strength in both upper and lower body. 

Utilize the water's buoyancy for gentle yet effective leg exercises like leg lifts and kicks. 

Engage in water polo or water volleyball for a fun and dynamic way to work your entire body. 

Use a kickboard for focused leg workouts, emphasizing kicking motions to tone and strengthen your lower body. 

1. Conclude your session with water-based stretches to enhance flexibility and promote overall relaxation.

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