8 Birth Chart Symptoms of Problems with Family Formation

Saturn in the 4th House

Traditional associations link the fourth house to home and family.The fourth house houses Saturn.Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, in this house may indicate familial problems or restraint.

Challenging Aspects to the Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions and motherhood.Squares or oppositions on the Moon may signify family discord or emotional issues.

Afflictions to the 7th House

Seventh-house afflictions Marriage and careers are linked to the seventh house.Malefic planets like Saturn or Mars or severe aspects to planets in this house may make it hard to form permanent partnerships.

Retrograde Venu

Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde.Venus in retrograde in a birth chart may indicate that certain people may have trouble dating and starting a family.

Afflictions on the Sun

The Sun symbolizes the self and father in a family.Challenging traits or placements may suggest concerns with the father figure and family identity.

Aspects that are challenging for the fifth house

Fifth house represents creativity, children, and romance.Planets in this house may hamper family and relationship happiness.

On the axis of the fourth and tenth house

The North and South lunar nodes represent karma and life lessons.If the nodes are on the fourth-tenth house axis, it may be tough to combine family and career.

Nodes on the 4th/10th House Axi

The ascension, or rising sign, depicts the self and how others see you.A rough aspect between Saturn and the ascendant today.

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