7 Tricks That Can Burn Belly Fat In One Day


Say you receive an unexpected invitation to a fantasy event with a day to prepare. Or, you acquired it a month or three months ago but procrastinated and had one day to slim down. So you're not a lone warrior. Many wish to lose belly fat in a day. 

Burn Belly Fat

Unsurprisingly, refined sugar causes the most weight gain. Remove sugar from your diet and win half the battle. The glucose and fructose in sugar are simple carbohydrates. When consumed in excess, they become glycogen and stored in fat. Refined sugar causes most visceral fat.

Ditch White Sugar 

Include protein in your diet: Protein fights stubborn belly fat. Protein satisfies you longer and prevents overeating. You can have cottage cheese, yoghurt, eggs, and lean meat.

Include Protein In  Your Diet

Drink tea: Green, peppermint, oolong, and unfermented white tea burn belly fat. Catechins, a natural phenol and antioxidant, accelerate your metabolism and burn fat faster in tea, especially if you exercise regularly.

Drink Tea

Eating fiber-rich foods reduces abdominal fat. Fibre-rich meals fill you up for a long time. Fibre binds with bile acids needed to breakdown dietary lipids, reducing fat absorption. Sugar and carbs are delayed in the bloodstream by fibre-rich meals.

Eat Fibre Loaded Foods

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Move your body

Have you heard of beer belly? Alcohol raises the risk of abdominal obesity, hence its name. Forget drinking now to appear fit tonight or tomorrow.

Avoid alcohol

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