7 Things A Toxic Relationship Will Teach You good Lesson

Learn what relationship red flags look like

Red flags mean that something bad is about to happen. They aren't always clear, but sometimes they are.  We ignore them a lot of the time. And bad things happen when we do.   What could be a red flag in a relationship?

Know what not to do

One lesson that can be learned from being in a toxic relationship is what not to do next time. Many of us have behaviors that we repeat in every relationship and many of us are in serial toxic relationships because of it.

Be aware that enabling is not supporting

Have you ever tried to save a relationship that was having trouble by being there for the other person?  A lot of people, mostly women, think that the relationship will last as long as they help the other person.

Figure out what traits you want in a partner

One of the most important things you can learn from bad relationships is what you really want in a partner.  Even though we hold on to bad people, we start to see their flaws very clearly. This helps us figure out what we would want for the world if we were in charge.

Letting go is not giving up

Over and over again, clients who are having trouble letting go of love in bad relationships tell me they aren't leaving because they don't want to give up! that they don't give up.

Be aware of how strong you are

We know how strong we are because we've been through unhealthy situations, which is pretty much everyone.

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