7 Most Psychic Zodiac Sign  

Lucky for them, they make decisions intuitively. Even without a close link, they can finish others' sentences and seem to sense when something good or unpleasant is about to happen.


Cancers may feel others' emotions, even if they appear calm. Cancer can sense if a commercial transaction is amiss or if someone is lying.


They prefer to believe they made a lucky guess instead of psychic talent. A series of lucky guesses is psychological, not luck.


They seem to know what you're hiding as well as what you're thinking. Ironic since they're secretive and mysterious.


Most people only experience this capacity in dreams, such as being in one area while thinking about another or being a ghost in another.


It's a gift, knack, or psychic ability to predict a band, show, or performer's success. They instinctively know what'll be hot.


They may see a house on a vacant lot and how the neighbor will rise or collapse. They sense future opportunities and risks.


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