7 Bad Habits That Actually Damage Your Brain 

Too much sitting

Brain function slows with sitting. How? Sitting prevents your muscles from pumping blood, oxygen, and beneficial chemicals to and from your brain. 

Not enough brain exercise

More than just your body needs to move. Your brain may use or lose it. Good news: brain exercises are entertaining.

Inadequate sleep

Because we need full battery power the next day, most of us charge our phones before bed. This applies to your brain and sleep. improved sleep equals improved attitude and thinking the next day.

Stressing too much

A pressured brain can't always remember. Stress reduces brain peak functioning. Stress poisons the prefrontal cortex.

Poor diet

Your brain monitors when, what, and how much you eat. Has skipping a meal caused a tension headache? Your brain is saying, “Feed me or I quit.

Drinking too much alcohol 

While discussing behaviors, we must address these offenders, who unfortunately hook too many and cause premature deaths. Think moderate drinking is fine?

Not taking easy safety precaution

The skull protects your brain, but it requires your support. Brain injuries impair function. Stay hydrated, avoid loud noises (including ear buds), wear a helmet when biking.

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