6 Zodiac Signs Man Who Love To Annoy Their Partner

Mischievous Gemini males are fun. They adore joking and are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini guys may tease their partners to keep things interesting.


Sagittarius males are daring and spontaneous. They want to test limits, even in partnerships. Jupiter, the expansion planet, rules them, so they may enjoy aggravating their partners to observe their reactions.


Aries males are energetic and forceful. Mars rules action, so they may enjoy teasing to keep the partnership interesting. Aries men are competitive and may joke around with their lovers to keep the flame alive.


Confident and charismatic Leo guys want attention. They may playfully taunt their spouses to get attention and affection since the Sun rules them. 


Innovative and independent, Aquarius guys follow their own path. They may be unconventional and enjoy surprising their spouses with jokes or antics, driven by Uranus, the planet of creativity. 


Though sensible and ambitious, Capricorn men are dry and cynical. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, rules them, therefore they may tease to relax. While Capricorn men can be serious, their humor shows their lighthearted side.


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