6 Signs You Are Socially Inept & Why It’s Fine 


Feeling uncomfortable in social situations is the best indicator of social incompetence. This can cause worry or unease. If you're at a friend's party with new people or see a neighbour in the lift, you feel embarrassed and try to leave.

You feel awkward socially

Communicating with strangers is difficult. You cannot ask apt questions, speak well, or show attention. Your small conversation stinks. This disturbs the conversation, making you and the other person uncomfortable. It likely ends quickly, and the person you spoke to moves on.

Conversation doesn't flow

Because you don't know what to say, your talks are awkward and stalled. When chatting to strangers or people you don't know, you give one-word answers and glance at your shoes. So the conversation ends before it begins.

Uneasy silence

Your supervisors and friends know you dislike group work. Thus, you miss out on board games with your buddies. At work, you do solo chores and are passive in group efforts. You're fine with it—you prefer working alone.

Group initiatives and activities often exclude you

You may be smart, but if you're socially incompetent, your words don't sound right. I find it strange because your thoughts make sense. However, explaining them often goes wrong, and others usually misinterpret you.

You have problems speaking and often say the wrong thing

You may misinterpret others' words due to your social incompetence. Because you're worried and uneasy, you focus more on your own discomfort than social connection. Instead of listening, you misinterpret or ask them to repeat their question. You may offend someone with a simple question or respond improperly.

Misinterpret others' statements and inquiries

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