6 Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation: Could You Have One?

Of course! There are many pennies that are worth something, but these six are the most common and expensive ones you'll find.  

World War II copper shortages forced the use of zinc-coated steel pennies in 1943. However, some were misminted in copper. These rare items can cost thousands.  

1943 Wheat Copper  Penny  

The writing and date on this cent are doubled. Collectors prize it and pay a lot.  

1955 Double Die Penny  

Like the 1955 doubled die, this 1972 penny doubles the inscription and date. Another excellent treasure if you find one.  

1972 Double Die Penny  

Several pennies were mistakenly struck on copper planchets instead of zinc-coated ones in 1983. These are rare and valuable.  

1983 Copper Penny  

The reverse (tails) side of the coin was changed in 1992 to "Close AM" and "Wide AM" varieties. Rarer and more expensive is the Close AM.  

Close AM 1992 Penny  

The date and "LIBERTY." double on this penny. Another valuable mistake coin that collectors want.  

1995 Double Die Penny  


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