6 High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Protein Smoothie

For the best protein boost, include walnuts, nut butter, chia or flax seeds, and use cow's milk, soy milk, or pea milk as your drink.

Egg Muffin

Egg muffins are a terrific option for people who value convenience and enjoy savoury breakfasts. They resemble pre-made omelettes that may be consumed on the go.

Breakfast Pizza

Eggs, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella or goat cheese, basil, and spinach can all be added to a breakfast pizza to boost its protein content.

Grilled Cheese

The cheese itself has a healthy quantity of protein, roughly 4 grammes for cheddar cheese and 6 grammes for Swiss cheese per slice.

Toast with Feta

While avocado toast by itself isn't very strong in protein, adding crumbled feta cheese increases the serving size to 100 grammes by 19.7 grammes.

Peanut Butter

Each 2-tablespoon serving of peanut butter contains roughly 7 grammes of protein. A slice of whole wheat bread also contains roughly 4 grammes of protein.

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