6 Hidden Treasures in Your Pocket Change Worth Over $ 200,000

Finding hidden riches in pocket change is exhilarating but rare. However, rare or historically significant coins have sold for high prices. Here are six pocket change coins worth over $200,000  

Due to copper shortages, the U.S. Mint made zinc-coated steel pennies during WWII. Some pennies from previous years were struck incorrectly on copper planchets. A 1943 copper penny in your pocket change may be precious.  

1943 Copper Penny  

A 1955 Lincoln penny batch has a duplicate die, doubling the obverse design. These coins are valuable to collectors and can fetch high pocket change.  

1955 Double Die Penny  

Before 1965, quarters, dimes, and half dollars were 90% silver. These coins are mostly gone, but one may be pocket change. These coins can be worth more than face value depending on year and mintmark.  

1932-1964 Silver Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars  

Liberty wears Mercury's winged cap on Adolph A. Weinman's Mercury dime. Collectors prize mint or mintmarked years of this series.  

1916-1945 Mercury Dime  

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1921 Peace Dollar  

Some 1969 Lincoln cents have duplicate dies on the obverse, duplicating the date and inscriptions. High-grade coins are rare and valuable.  

1969 Lincoln Cent Doubled Obverse  


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