6 Hidden Gems: Undervalued Coins You Should Add to Your Collection Now 

Sure! These six coins aren't as well known, but they could be secret gems that could go up in value  

VeChain provides enterprise and supply chain blockchain. Logistics, food safety, and luxury product transparency rise. Massive company and government contacts provide VeChain significant use case and adoption potential.  


The decentralized video streaming network Theta Network seeks to improve quality, lower prices, and reward producers and customers. Theta Network's users and smart media collaborations may boost growth.  

Theta Net  

Hedera Hashgraph claims to outperform blockchain in speed, security, and efficiency. Hedera Hashgraph's enterprise solutions and scalability may disrupt banking, supply chain, and decentralized finance.  


Gaming blockchain and cryptocurrency Enjin Coin. Developers can sell blockchain-based virtual goods. A burgeoning game ecosystem and cooperation with significant gaming firms may help Enjin Coin gain gaming community engagement.  


Chiliz specializes in sports blockchain and crypto. Sports fans interact with teams and leagues using blockchain-based fan currencies and voting rights. Chiliz's UFC and FC Barcelona deals could upset sports and benefit fans and teams.  

The Chiliz  

Quant facilitates blockchain interoperability. Companies and developers can create multi-chain apps and interoperable solutions. Quant's interoperability and scalability may affect blockchain.  

Quantifies QNT  


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