6 Coins That Played Pivotal Roles in Major Historical Events 

Coins have symbolized power, economics, and culture in key historical events. These six coins have shaped history

Famous coins include the 5th-century BCE Athenian Owl Tetradrachm. This ancient coin of Athena with an owl, signifying wisdom, circulated widely. When Athenian civilization flourished, it extended across the Mediterranean.   

Greece Owl Tetradrachm 

Rome's standard silver coin from 3rd century BCE to 3rd century CE was the Denarius. Commercial and military missions expanded and ruled the Roman Empire. Denarius debasement often causes economic and imperial collapse.  

Roman Denarius  

From the late 15th to 19th century, Spain minted the silver Piece of Eight, or Spanish dollar. Global trade in Age of Discovery currency. This eight-piece filled the Americas and early worldwide business.  

Spanish Eight-piece  

Lion Dollar silver coins were issued in the 16th and 17th centuries. The American dollar was based on the Dutch currency, which was widely distributed in the colonies and traded internationally.    

Dutch Lion Dollar  

The euro superseded the French Franc in 2002. It shaped French history, especially the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The Franc symbolizes French economic and political might globally.  

French Franc  

US economic prosperity was enhanced by the 1794 Silver Dollar. It represented American prosperity and freedom overseas. The Silver Dollar represents the US's ascent as a global superpower and economic powerhouse.  

American Silver Dollar  


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