5 Valuable Antiques Lying Around Your House

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It can be like finding hidden riches when you find valuable old things lying around your house. Here are five kinds of old things that you might not be seeing:  

Jewellery boxes and drawers can hold vintage rings, necklaces, brooches, and watches. Look for gold or silver jewellery with gemstones or elaborate designs. Vintage designer jewellery from famous brands is highly valuable.  

Vintage Jewelry 

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Collections of Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, and Meissen china, teacups, saucers, and figures can be valuable. Check the bottom of each piece for maker's marks, patterns, or signatures to verify authenticity.  

Fine China and Porcelain 

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Sterling silver flatware, serving pieces, and utensils may be inherited. Check for maker's mark and silver content hallmarks. Collectors pay a lot for complete or unusual antique silverware sets.  

Silverware and Flatware 

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Antique dressers, tables, chairs, and cabinets may be in attics, basements, or storage. Check the construction, materials, and style of each object to assess its age and authenticity.   

Vintage Furniture 

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Vintage books, manuscripts, maps, and papers may be historical or literary treasures. Look in bookcases, storage boxes, and filing cabinets for rare first editions, signed copies, and historical papers.   

Old Books and Documents 

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Antique values depend on quality, rarity, origin, and market demand. Consult a trusted appraiser or antique merchant to determine the value of your treasured antiques.  


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