5 Zodiac Signs Obsessed with Etiquette 

Their propensity for making everyone feel heard and respected reveals their fixation with manners.

The uncontested masters of courtesy, diplomacy, and charm are Libras. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is its ruler.

The rigorous attention to detail that Virgos are renowned for also extends to their fixation with manners.

Virgos take every precaution to maintain social etiquette, from using the proper fork at a fine restaurant to writing handwritten thank-you cards.

Leos enjoy receiving praise and adulation, and they are aware that having flawless manners is necessary to uphold their regal reputation.

They are aware that their dignity and distinction are reflected in their manners.

These five zodiac signs are naturally inclined towards grace and civility, making them the ultimate experts on social decorum.

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