5 Revolutionary War Coins Worth a Fortune Today

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Collectors value Revolutionary War coins for their rarity and historical relevance. Many of these coins are precious, but none were produced during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783).  

The Continental Congress authorised Fugio cents as paper currency during the Revolutionary War. They have a sundial, "Mind Your Business," and "1776." These early American pieces, which were not minted by the government, are highly collectable and can sell for a lot at auction.  

1776 Continental Currency Coin 

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The newly independent United States was to have a national currency, and these coins were proposed. Nova Constellatio motifs were produced in copper, silver, and gold. Pattern coins are rare and precious despite never being circulated.  

1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern Coin 

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One of the most famous and valuable American coins is the Brasher Doubloon. The first gold coins in America were struck by New York City goldsmith Ephraim Brasher.   

1787 Brasher Doubloon 

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One of the first coins created by the newly established United States Mint was the 1792 Half Disme, or Half Dime. President George Washington ordered these little silver pieces produced in Philadelphia with his own silver.   

1792 Half Disme (Dime) 

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The US Mint's first enormous cent was the 1793 Chain Cent. The reverse has a chain pattern to symbolise the new nation's unity. While not tied to the Revolutionary War, these early American coins are associated with the US's fundamental values and prized by collectors.  

1793 Chain Cent 

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Collectors prise these colonial and early federal coins for their significance in American numismatic history. Today's market values them due to their rarity, historical significance, and Revolutionary War association.  


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