5 Must-See Coin Collections of the Rich and Famous

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Without a doubt! Here are five coin collections that are related with prominent personalities that you absolutely must see.  

Omaha banker and businessman Byron Reed collected nearly 10,000 coins and medals in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection comprises ancient Greek, Roman, mediaeval European, and early American coinage.  

The Byron Reed Collection 

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Famous numismatist and collector John J. Ford Jr. had one of the largest collections of American colonial and federal coins, tokens, and cash. Early American patterns and colonial Massachusetts silver currency were unusual in his collection.  

The John J. Ford Jr. Collection 

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Louis E. Eliasberg Sr., a renowned investor and philanthropist, assembled the first complete US coin collection by date and mintmark. From early copper issues to recent commemoratives, the Eliasberg Collection contained almost every US Mint coin.  

The Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Collection 

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Martin Logies' Cardinal Collection is known for its rare and high-grade US gold coins. The collection contains rare and high-quality coins including Saint-Gaudens double eagles and early gold releases.  

The Cardinal Collection 

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One of the most important early American coin collections, the Pogue Collection was assembled by the Pogue family over multiple generations. Early federal coins including half cents, huge cents, and silver dollars are rare and precious.  

The Pogue Family Collection 

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The passion, dedication, and discerning tastes of their owners, as well as the rich history and artistry of each coin, are revealed in these collections. Both seasoned collectors and hobbyists might benefit from visiting these collections' shows.  


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