5 Most Heartfelt Signs of the Zodiac  

Being one of the kindest zodiac signs is a laudable goal, but each sign expresses compassion differently. While some will assist you bury a corpse at 3AM, others will give you the hard truth to prevent future hurt. 

Aries are the group's mama bears and care strongly when triggered. Instead of discussing conflict, they head-butt someone on your behalf, which can cause conflict and resentment.


This sign wants harmony in whatever they do and roots for the underdog out of a great sense of fairness. Libras make you feel seen and understood, even when your life choices don't make sense.


Taureans heal friends with loyalty and a desire for luxury. When you're down, knock on their door and they'll pamper you till you're fine.


Sagittarians are generous and loving, so they know how to have fun. Their no-strings-attached lifestyle may leave them unavailable when you need them most.


Cancer keeps you up late to make sure everyone got home safely and reminds you to drink fluids in the morning. Zodiac crabs may seem remote, yet they are incredibly caring for their loved ones.


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