4 Zodiac Signs That Silently Treat People

4 Zodiac Signs That Silently Treat People

Taurus is argumentative and opinionated by nature. And when they don’t want their opinion challenged


When going silent isn’t enough, Pisces will reinforce that tactic by doing a disappearing act.

It takes two to tango as the saying goes, and Pisces shuts up and ships out, leaving the other party with no one to argue with.

Scorpio is aggressive, manipulative, and domineering. Not only that, they are very resentful and vengeful.


People get tired of playing this game and can make them decide they no longer need Scorpio’s controlling ways in their lives.

If they see that a situation is positioning them toward a standoff or is going to make a big scene — Aquarius will just go mute.

Aquarius doesn’t want to have their time wasted with dramatic, circular arguments that are likely to go nowhere.


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