4 Zodiac Signs Who Tend To Build Walls Around Their Heart

Individuals weave complex emotional and behavioural patterns into the zodiac. A remarkable aspect of zodiac signs is their hearts. 

Wall-builders' characters will be examined. Join our cosmic voyage and contact our astrologers on Astrotalk for personalised insights if you resonate.

The intuitive water sign Cancer is empathetic and nurturing. Below the surface, they construct heart walls. Cancer is sensitive and easily damaged.


Scorpios are mysterious emotionally. Scorpios are intensely passionate and protected their hearts. Trust is hard won, and they are picky about sharing.


Capricorns are ambitious emotionally. They erect walls to protect themselves from emotional setbacks. Capricorns may make goals trump love.


Aquarians value sovereignty and progress. However, guarded hearts can result. Aquarians may secure their emotions with walls.


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