4 Zodiac Signs Who Always Curse and Blame Their Ex

Why do some people struggle to move on from former relationships? Explore astrology and how some zodiac signs curse and blame their ex-partners. 

This blog illuminates zodiac signs' behaviours and their lingering love for past loves by revealing cosmic links that affect our emotions.

Mars, the planet of passion and violence, rules Aries. Aries people are impulsive and fiery. Their excitement is commendable.


Geminis are known for their wit and communication. Eloquence can be a double-edged blade during a breakup.


Charisma and confidence define Leos. However, their need for admiration and loyalty might make it hard for them to terminate a relationship graciously.


Scorpios have strong emotions and relationships. Their desire can create deep relationships, but also makes it hard to let go. 


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