3 Zodiac Signs Who May Feel Betrayed


Today, you might feel torn because you don't know if someone is going to betray you or if you've already set the stage for betrayal by thinking it. I see. That means you put your thoughts into the world because you already didn't trust what was going on.

You "made" the thought that this person was going to hurt you. This means that your worst fear comes true on September 26, 2023, when the Moon is opposite Venus. You had this fear a long time ago.


You don't trust someone, and you never will again after today, September 26, 2023. Now that the Moon is across from Venus, you can see this person better.

lets you get a better idea of this person, and it turns out that they are just as untrustworthy as you thought. Unfortunately, they are going to turn on you at this time.


You might not even think this could happen to you because you trust people more than ever in your book.

leads to betrayal, but here you are on September 26, 2023, letting someone walk all over you like you're not there.