3 Zodiac Signs May Feel Afraid Of Commitment


When a Taurus wants to make a promise, they often don't know why they're afraid and can't explain it. With different people

They act like they want to be committed, but how they really feel says something else. They are more hesitant to make commitments on the inside, and they often deeply distrust their partners.

This underlying aversion to commitment may come from bad relationships in the past, whether they were sexual, familial, or friendly.

It could be because of past betrayals, which made Taurus scared after being hurt so badly. Taurus, on the other hand, loves deeply, passionately, and strongly when they make a commitment.


Sagittarius people like to try new things and might be afraid that being in a serious relationship will make it harder for them to do what they want to do. As an example,

A Sagittarius might not want to be in a relationship because they don't want to waste time that they could have spent moving or looking for other dates.

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