3 Zodiac Signs Let Go Of Toxic Relationship


You feel as though your heart attended the School of Hard Knocks, but the exciting part about being someone who has been hurt by bad love is that you also know your limit. You've tried to be the person

who deals with and takes the less desirable parts of relationships, but you're not a fool, Taurus. On September 15, 2023, when Mercury is direct, you will feel a wave of self-confidence come over you.


It feels like you just woke up from a bad dream today because Mercury goes straight, which makes your memories clearer. Why did you think that? You started a relationship with someone who is all you see.

that each day you lose yourself. There's no sign that your partner is seeing you, and you're not interested in the connection anymore.


Well, this isn't how you thought your love life would turn out, and you're still not sure how things got so... dull and boring. You liked the person you met a while ago.

After one thing led to another, you were in a relationship before you knew it during Mercury direct. You'll want to end the relationship for good.