3 RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly around buying a Bugatti Chiron

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A Bugatti Chiron, one of the world's most exclusive and expensive supercars, costs more than a bicentennial quarter. Rare bicentennial quarters are valuable to collectors. Three notable examples:  

This type of bicentennial quarter is one of the most popular ones. There were very few times when proof quarters made in San Francisco were released without the "S" mintmark.   

1976 No S Bicentennial Proof Quarter 

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Collectors really want these coins and can ask for big fees, but they're not even close to being worth as much as a Bugatti Chiron.  

Bicentennial quarters were sometimes made on planchets meant for 40% silver coins like Eisenhower dollars by mistake.   

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter Struck on a 40% Silver Planchet 

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Even though these error coins are rare and contain silver, they can be valuable to fans. However, the price of a Bugatti Chiron would still be much higher.  

Bicentennial proof quarters made in San Francisco with a deep cameo finish are very popular with coin fans because they look great.   

1976-S Bicentennial Proof Quarter with Deep Cameo 

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Even though these coins can fetch high prices, they are not worth even a small part of what a Bugatti Chiron would be worth.  

Although rare bicentennial quarters can add value to a numismatic collection, their worth is relative to the coin collecting market and would not approach a Bugatti Chiron.  


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