13 Watermelon Varieties You Can Grow This Season

You may visualize a watermelon with a green rind, bright crimson flesh, and black seeds (though some are seedless). 

1 - Red Flesh

Around 1954, Charleston, South Carolina, invented this melon. Charleston Gray melons have bright red flesh, a sweet, crisp interior, an oblong form, and a green-gray rind. 

2 - Charleston Gray

In 1963, Kansas State University created Crimson Sweet. It resists anthracnose and fusarium wilt. The Crimson Sweet rind has light green stripes and traditional green skin. 

3 - Crimson Sweet

The 1969 Sugar Baby melon is 8-10 pounds and small. The personal-sized watermelon is ideal.

4 - Sugar Baby

This watermelon, bred by Glenn Drowns in Northern Idaho in the 1970s, is ideal for cooler temperature short-season producers yet can endure heat and humidity.

5 - Blacktail Mountain

Christensen crossed Hawksbury and Dixie Queen in 1950 to create this Montrose, Iowa, family treasure.

6 - Chris Cross

This cultivar tastes sweet, as its name implies! Many productive plants produce sugary, medium-round, striped fruits.  

7 - Oh So Sweet

American gardeners got Russian watermelon via Seed Savers Exchange in 1991. Spherical 10-12-inch fruits with dark green rinds and delicious rich crimson flesh are produced.

8 - Small Shining Light

This seedless cultivar has sweet, crisp, ruby-red flesh. Seedless watermelons need seeded watermelon pollinators to produce fruit.

9 - Red Ruby Hybrid

Another 4-pound hybrid seedless watermelon. This watermelon is refreshing and small enough for a snack. Vigorous plants normally yield six fruits.

10 - Piccolo Hybrid

Taste test winner! The ideal little icebox for 6-8-pound fruits. Light green rind, deep red meat. Yet another seedless watermelon.

11 - Big Tasty Hybrid

Small, compact, portable fruits with dark green-black rinds and vivid crimson flesh are produced by this cultivar. Small oval fruits are deliciously sweet and juicy.

12 - Little Darling

The traditional rectangular Black Diamond watermelon has vivid red flesh with a superb texture and a smooth, dark greenish-black outer peel.

13 - Black Diamond

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