13 Type 2 Diabetes-Friendly Ways to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth


A licenced dietician and CDCES at Joslin Diabetes Centre in Boston says deprivation won't work. “Eliminating treats may make you crave them more.

Treat yourself occasionally

Include carbs in your meal, not just dessert. CDCES is the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists spokesman and diabetes education services coordinator at the University of Kentucky Barnstable Brown Diabetes Centre in Lexington, Kentucky. That sum should be considered when planning dessert or sweet snack days.

Plan Ahead 

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesman recommends sugar-free or sugar-substituted foods. However, these dishes commonly contain wheat and other carbohydrate elements.

Watch out for sugar free foods

Regular soda, juice and fruit punch are sugary, but sports drinks, energy drinks and bottled tea can elevate blood glucose. The ADA reports that one serving of these sugary drinks can include several hundred calories.

Watch what you consume

To regulate blood sugar, cook with whole-grain flours like wheat or oat or nut flours like almond flour. Find recipes that use fruit or fruit puree to cut sugar. 

Replace Ingredients

How many days per week or month to satisfy your sweet craving depends on how well your diabetes is managed and what you and your diabetes care team determine is optimal.

Make a sweet treat day

 Fruit tastes sweet and is healthier than processed sweets because it has fewer carbohydrates and no added sugar. Since fibre takes longer to digest, fruit is less likely to raise blood sugar quickly.

Emphasise Fruit 

 Eat smaller servings of something you enjoy instead than settling for something reduced in sugar. Eating what you like will make you feel fuller, and the “diabetes-friendly” version may make you eat more.

Choose something you enjoy

 Share that cake or half a huge cookie with a buddy. Ross says the first few bites are usually the best. "Stick to two or three bites and eat mindfully."

Take some bites and savour them

Freeze bite-size Halloween candy (“Eat one of these slowly for a treat”) to regulate portion size. 

Ice bite-sized treats

Request that family members not eat sweets in front of you or bring cookies or candies into the house to promote your health. Ice cream should be stored at the back of the freezer, and sweets should not be displayed in the pantry.

 Hide Temptation

Are you more tempted in particular situations? Consider your sweet tooth. TV and ads often influence you. If a restaurant or billboard always attracts you, avoid it.

Find your cravings

Do not always aim for 100%,” She suggests sticking to your diabetes diet at least 80% of the time and treating yourself sometimes. 

Try not to criticise yourself

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