13 Moody Houseplants for an Indoor Goth Garden

Raven ZZ plants have a gloomy appearance and hue. The leaves of this popular Zamioculcas zamiifolia cultivar start off bright green and grow to black. 

1 - Raven

Big black Alocasia reginula leaves stand out anywhere. Its velvety, glittering texture makes black velvet unique among houseplants. They look vintage and goth garden-friendly.

2 – Black Velvet

Alocasia x amazonica is another goth garden classic. It is also known as Alocasia ‘Polly’ or Amazonian Elephant’s Ear.

3 – Alocasia x amazonica

Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’ is perfect for a huge indoor goth garden statement plant. Like pink princess philodendron, this plant is a cultivar of Philodendron erubescens. 

4 – Black Cardinal

The most stunning goth garden succulent is ‘Zwartkop’. ‘Black Rose’ fits this tree-like shrub. Deep purple-black petals around a bright green rosette center with fresh leaves.

5 – Zwartkop

Anthuriums are grown for their tropical flowers. Growing ‘Ace of Spades’ anthurium leaves is appealing. Great for goth gardens, this cultivar boasts massive, dark green, virtually black foliage.

6 – Ace of Spade

Plant tropical colocasias outside in warmer climates for their green beauty. If you can't grow them outside in a cooler climate, these plants make great houseplants. 

7 – Colocasia ‘Black Magic’

First, peperomias made me a houseplant collector. You can fill an indoor garden with this genus and constantly have something new to look at because each species is so unique.

8 – Burgundy Ripple

If you like sterling silver Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight,’ try its darker, moodier relative, ‘Dark.’ It has deep green leaves instead of silver, but the shape is the same.

9 – Scindapsus treubii ‘Dark’

The magnificent ‘Black Fancy’ is one of many goth garden plants in the leafy Begonia genus. Some dark plants have greenish leaves, but these are black. 

10 – Begonia ‘Black Fancy’

This Begonia rex variety is a popular indoor plant. The Jurassic Series has many colorful and patterned plants, but ‘Silver Swirl’ is perfect for a goth garden.

11 – Begonia Jurassic ‘Silver Swirl’

Burgundy begonias finish indoor goth gardens. Serrated green foliage and crimson stalks develop burgundy slowly with this cultivar. If conditions are favorable, it blooms pink in April.

12 – Begonia ‘Black Magic’

Another burgundy favorite is the rubber tree cultivar ‘Burgundy.’ This goth garden plant will occupy floor-to-ceiling area in your home. 

13 – Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

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