13 Different Types of Apple Tree Varieties to Grow This Season

This tree yields cooked and fresh apples. Cold-resistant fruits ripen mid-to-late October. The shorter height makes annual pruning easier than other types. Dwarf versions exist.

1 - Idared

Late-July Gravs apples are among the first. Ripe grav apples make great sauce, pies, and baked foods. Tartness enhances apple cider.

2 - Gravenstein

Another southern favorite, Anna apple trees, produce nicely and are easy to plant. The Israeli Ein Shemer kibbutz designed the tree for low-chill environments and thrives in climates rarely below freezing. 

3 - Anna

Dorsett Tropical-bred golden apples exist. The tree was successfully grown in the Bahamas in 1950 and transferred to the US.

4 - Dorsett Golden

Ein Shemer was raised on a kibbutz in Israel to survive the Middle East's heat and drought. The tree thrives in the south and most warm US locations. 

5 - Ein Shemer

This fruitful apple tree yields sweet-tart light green apples for baking and sauces. If not immediately used, freeze the apples because they won't last long.

6 - Lodi

Liberty apples are McIntosh-Macoun hybrids. These apples have a delicious, moderately tangy flavor. Excellent for eating, juicing, sauces, and baking.

7 - Liberty

I think most of us have had a McIntosh apple. This fruit is juicy, tangy, and crisp, great for eating whole.

8 - McIntosh

Arkansas Black apples are unusual! Fruit skin is dark red, almost black. Juicy, crisp, sweet, and cinnamon-y.

9 - Arkansas Black

Britain reveres and breeds the Cox Orange Pippin. The reason is obvious. The peculiar flavor of this apple makes it popular.

10 - Cox’s Orange Pippin

Like sweets? Fuji apples. Fujis taste like juice and are sweeter than apples. The fruit tastes great alone or in tarts or sauces. Sweetness would overwhelm without it.

11 - Fuji

Granny Smiths are perfect for crisp, sweet-tart apples! This green apple tastes great fresh, dried, baked, and brewed into cider. Harvest fruit in September and October.

12 - Granny Smith

Both heirlooms and modern horticulture have devoted believers. I believe both sides have flavor value. Jazz apples demonstrate this!

13 - Jazz

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