13 Native Plant Seeds Ideal for Winter Sowing

The Douglas fir Popular Christmas trees make terrific yard accents. Blue-green needles and pyramidal growth make this tree a superb backdrop or privacy screen.  

1 - Douglas Fir

Deodar cedar can grow to 150 feet in its natural region. They usually top out at 50 feet in your yard. Your tree should mature in 25-30 years with modest growth. 

2 –Deodar Cedar

Eastern red cedar grows in 37 US states. Pyramidal creatures grow. This tree's smooth gray bark and aromatic scale-like blue-green, dark, or light green leaves brown in winter. 

3 – Eastern Red Cedar

The most popular privacy screen trees are hybrid cypresses, which may grow five feet per year. The dense, dark green, feathery foliage is ideal for privacy.

4 – Leyland Cypress

Here's the first broadleaf evergreen I promised. One of the stateliest southern trees is the magnolia. Full-size varieties can grow to 70 feet tall and wide, so give them space if you have it. 

5 – Southern Magnolia

American arborvitae blocks wind and separates. Rows of its thin pyramid shape look wonderful along an avenue or property line. Their shape makes them very pleasing architectural landscape features. 

6 – American Arborvitae

Red berries shine in winter on another broadleaf evergreen American holly. Plant is Christmas holly. Spring brings lustrous, deep green, spine-tipped leaves to make room for new growth.

7 – American Holly

This evergreen is famous for its use in Tuscan landscaping. Tall spires can reach 40 feet but remain thin, with a five-foot spread. These fast-growing trees grow three feet every year. 

8 – Italian Cypress

I have an anecdote and two tea olive trees in my yard because they are important in the South. My beautiful grandmother-in-law said every home should have an evergreen by the front door. 

9 – Tea Olive

False cypresses look like cypresses and serve the same purpose in the landscape. Many cultivars are smaller, making them great residential landscaping trees. 

10 – False Cypress

Over 100 species of Chinese juniper exist. Popular landscape tree. Some cultivars grow to 40 feet, while others stay modest. Plant this tree away from walkways since its needles are irritating.

11 – Chinese Juniper

Blue spruce enjoys chill. This 75-foot tree rarely exceeds 50 in parks and gardens. Pyramidal live Christmas trees with upturned branches make wonderful yard plants after the holidays.

12 – Blue Spruce

You may know this tree for its delicious leaves. Bay leaves give flavor to many dishes. Some types grow like bushes, while others exceed 60 feet. 

13 – Bay Laurel

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