12 Plants with Massive Blooming Flowers

Not only do flowers add aesthetic value to our landscapes, but they also serve as important pollinators and help sustain the bee population. 

Among the most stylish blossoms in the area may be seen on the stunning tropical shrub or tree known as angel's trumpet. If your area of hardiness is colder.

1 - Angel’s Trumpet

A bigleaf magnolia is ideal for enormous tree blossoms. It produces the largest magnolia blossoms, up to 10 inches wide.

2 – Bigleaf Magnolia

The butterfly bush is an exquisite shrub that blooms. Both the size of the flowers and the shrubs themselves can differ significantly amongst variations.

3 – Butterfly Bush

This lily cultivar looks stunning in gardens and bouquets. Casa Blanca lily stems bear 6-8 8-inch flowers.

4 – Casa Blanca Lily

The genus Clematis includes many floral vines. Because there are so many clematis species, this genus is divided into 12 groups by bloom period and size.

5 – Clematis

Daylily perennials are easy to grow and provide enormous, bright flowers. These flowers only survive a day, but placed together, they can make a big impact in your landscapes.

6 – Daylily

Delphinium blossoms can be two inches wide and cover much of the plant's height, offering a splash of color to your garden.

7 – Delphinium

With 5-inch blossoms, the enormous zinnia adds some flair. Every sunny garden has zinnias in a spectrum of colors.

8 – Giant Zinnia

The gorgeous dinner plate dahlia is well-known to dahlia lovers. Dahlias are tubers planted in spring instead of fall like bulbs.

9 – Dinnerplate Dahlia

Football mums, or intermediate incurve mums, are the largest. Large spherical pom-pom flowers will be 6 inches wide.

10 – Football Mum

Tropical summer flowering bulbs can enhance your yard. Flower stalks up to five feet tall bloom from early summer till frost.

11 – Gladiolus

One of the most spectacular spring bulbs is the Globemaster allium. This bulb will grow a straight, robust stem with a few ground-level leaves if planted in the fall.

12 – Globemaster Allium

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