12 Flowers That Will Thrive in Sandy Soil

Garden edges look great with basket of gold (Aurinia saxatilis), a vibrant yellow ground cover. This perennial blooms roughly two months in spring. 

1 - Basket of Gold

If you adore roses and only have sandy soil, the beach rose is great. Beach roses like well-draining soil. These strong roses grow to 6 feet and bloom from early summer to October. 

2 – Beach Rose 

The massive, stunning bearded iris blossoms are stunning. This iris is bulb-grown. Like most irises, its foliage is blade-like. Strong stalks support the flowers.

3 – Bearded Iris

Gardening with blanket flowers will make sandy soil happier. Its single or double daisy-like blooms are brilliantly colored.

4 – Blanket Flower

Blazing star, sometimes known as gayfeather, is a popular perennial that was previously a wildflower. Low-growing grass-like leaves and show-stopping blossoms. 

5 – Blazing Star

Its exquisite blue blades make blue lyme grass appealing. This plant grows in open coastal grasses. Be careful planting this aggressive grass because it will spread wherever. 

6 – Blue Lyme Grass

Butterfly bush is a beautiful shrub with enormous panicles of colorful flowers. Shrubs can be small or huge depending on variety. 

7 – Butterfly Bush 

Butterly weed is a bushy orange-flowered perennial. Monarch butterflies and other pollinators will visit your yard as these flowers bloom throughout summer. 

8 – Butterfly Weed

California's official flower, orange poppies, are stunning. Visitors to this state have noticed them flourishing wonderfully on roadsides, hillsides, and gardens. 

9 – California Poppy

Christmas ferns are popular and easy to care for. Evergreen ferns provide year-round color. As spring arrives, fresh fronds turn silvery green to fern green.

10 – Christmas Fern 

Cinequefoil is a lovely white-flowered ground plant. Green palmate foliage grows low. Shrub variants of this perennial increase the color and size of cinquefoil for sandy gardens. 

11 – Cinquefoil

Aquilegia, or columbine, is a large genus with unique flowers. Fern-like foliage and weak branches sustain spurred flowers on these short-lived perennials.

12 – Columbine

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