12 Best Seeds To Start Indoors in Winter 

Indoor sowing promotes early gardening and healthy transplants. Sow seeds inside in winter for spring planting instead of buying expensive nursery seedlings or imported garden plants.

Head lettuce and baby greens mix thrive indoors when the earth freezes overnight. In shallow containers with well-drained potting soil and gentle sunlight, these seeds germinate swiftly.

1. Lettuce

Indoor seeding is easy. They need less light and care than most veggies. Maintaining warmth and moisture is essential. Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter container set is great for beginners.

2. Sprout

The youngest seedlings, sprouts have only cotyledons, unlike microgreens. More mature microgreens have larger genuine leaves and stand 3-5 inches tall.

3. Microgreen

Mint, chives, lemon balm, and scallions thrive well indoors year-round. These plants can be started from seed or cutting in winter on a warm south-facing windowsill or grow lights. 

4. Indoor Herb

Due to its frost tolerance and cold garden harvesting, leeks are commonly grown in autumn or winter. In late winter, this multipurpose allium begins.

5. Leek

Many storage and sweet onions require over 100 days to mature, making indoor planting ideal for short growing seasons. Starting onions 8-10 weeks before frost is possible.

6. Onions

Celery root, a bulbous celery relative, grows slowly. This homey potatoey vegetable grows in 120 days and tastes fantastic in fall soups, stews, and roasts.

7. Celeriac 

This popular parsley is one of my most finicky crops. Celery, like carrots, is easy to grow yet sensitive to large moisture and temperature changes.

8. Celery

Grow popular sugar substitute in your yard! Stevia seeds should be sown indoors 6-10 weeks before frost. Stevia must stay indoors till temps get over 45°F because to climate.

9. Stevia 

Growing rosemary from seed is fun and opens up more varietals as compared to cutting. However, this demands considerable patience. 

10. Rosemary

Another famous Mediterranean perennial herb, lavender, is rarely grown from seed, but a large planting is worth it for genetic diversity and price.

11. Lavender

Although strawberries are rarely grown from seed, bare-root crowns benefit from mid-winter indoor planting. I order bare root crowns in early winter when they're available.

12. Strawberrie

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