11 Beautiful Lupine Varieties for Your Garden

2-4 feet tall with violet and white conical spires, ‘The Governor’ captures attention wherever it grows. Raceme-packed pea-shaped flowers sway over bright green, slender palm leaves. 

1. The Governor

‘Riverbank’ lupine controls erosion with dense, shrub-like leaves. Grape and lavender flowers on brownish stems above palmate leaves contrast beautifully. 

2. Riverbank

This popular English lupine has dense cones of golden yellow pea-shaped blooms. They bloom in early summer on green-gray leaves and attract bees and butterflies.

3. Desert Sun

Large, thick spires of reddish-pink and butter-yellow blooms characterize this lovely lupine variety. ‘Tequila Flame’ likes well-drained, somewhat acidic soil. 

4. Tequila Flame

This English hybrid has dense spikes of spherical, creamy-white blooms and stands out anywhere. Flat, broad leaves fan out like fingers below flower heads.

5. Polar Prince

A beautiful hybrid lupine with 3-12 inch spikes of small purple and gold flowers. The tall stems and glossy palmate leaves of ‘Manhattan Lights’ attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

6. Manhattan Light

‘Gallery Yellow’, a 15-inch dwarf lupine, with short racemes with yellow pea-shaped blooms. The plant produces 10-12 flower spikes. Contrasting dark, glossy green stems and leaves.

7. Gallery Yellow

This beautiful hybrid lupine has thin spires of rosy-red racemes up to 4 feet tall. Palmate leaves and sturdy stems make the bushy, brilliant, shrub-like leaves. Flowers blossom longer. 

8. My Castle

This hybrid lupine has exquisite miniature purple, magenta, and tangerine flower whorls. Racemes on robust stems can reach 1 foot. Bright green spade-shaped leaves branch from a core.

9. Masterpiece

This wildflower lupine spreads like one, but we included it for large-property gardeners who want a fast-growing one. Poor soil supports this nitrogen-boosting plant. 

10. Bicolor Lupine

‘The Chatelaine’ has fragrant racemes with baby pink and white blooms. Racemes are tall and thin. The brilliant green tips turn pink late in blooming. 

11. The Chatelaine

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